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We’d Like to Help You Stay Cool

Over time, solid deposits can form inside your car’s radiator system, causing build-ups and blockages which interfere with the circulation of coolant. Your car will start to run hotter, and this can damage other systems.

Before this happens, bring your car to us for a radiator flush. Our qualified and highly trained ASE Certified Technicians will drain the original coolant from the radiator, and replace it with a special mix of coolant, detergent and water. Your Mechanic will run the engine with this mix, letting the solution circulate through the vehicle's entire cooling system, dissolving and removing any build-up inside the radiator. Once the mixture has cooled down, they’ll drain it and replace with standard coolant and water.

A radiator flush is also the ideal time to replace worn cooling system hoses. We will check for leaking, brittle, spongy, cracked, or rotted hoses, and will replace these before putting in the new antifreeze.

What Coolant Do You Use?

Common antifreeze is a familiar green color, and comprises anti corrosion additives mixed into ethylene glycol. It should be changed every two years. We prefer to use General Motors’ trademarked, longer-lasting antifreeze called DEX-COOL®, which is a distinct orange color. It is specifically formulated to protect cooling systems for up to five years. A silicate-free formulation is available for Japanese cars, and a phosphate-free one for European cars.

What are the Benefits of a Radiator Flush?

We have 8 locations to serve you throughout the Northern Virginia area including Fairfax, Leesburg, Falls Church, Sterling, Winchester, Herndon, Purcellville or South Riding. Bring your vehicle to Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto! Our Team is waiting for you!

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